It’s an Omnibus (appropriations act, that is)

Yes, the Senate approved H.R.1105, which President Obama will sign. At the NIH, from top to bottom …

NCI gets “$4,968,973,000, of which up to $8,000,000 may be used for facilities repairs and improvements at the National Cancer Institute-Frederick Federally Funded Research and Development Center in Frederick, Maryland”

NIAID gets “$4,702,572,000: Provided, That $300,000,000 may be made available to International Assistance Programs `Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis'”

NHLBI – $3,015,689,000
NIGMS – $1,997,801,000
NIDDK – $1,761,338,000
NINDS – $1,593,344,000
NIMH – $1,450,491,000
NICHD – $1,294,894,000
OD – $1,246,864,000
NCRR – $1,226,263,000
NIA – $1,080,796,000
NIDA – $1,032,759,000
NEI – $688,480,000
NIEHS – $662,820,000
NIAMS – $524,872,000
NIAAA – $450,230,000
NIDCD – $407,259,000
NIDCR – $402,652,000
NLM – $330,771,000 (with some strings attached)
NIBIB – $308,208,000
NCMHD – $205,959,000
NINR – $141,879,000
NCCAM – $125,471,000
FIC – $68,691,000



  1. […] March 9, 2009 at 8:49 am · Filed under NIH Advice, Research News Update: Congratulations – we have a budget for FY09. […]

  2. How fucking deranged is it that the fucking Institute of Woo gets nearly as much as the Institute of Nursing Research??

  3. D said

    Looks like a flat budget again..more or less.

  4. writedit said

    Yes, D – about a 3% increase. Inexplicably, the Washington Post lumps the NIH among the winners in this budget:

    The bill represents a bonanza for federal agencies that felt a budget squeeze for much of Bush’s two terms. Mass transit, public housing, the National Institutes of Health, Head Start and the Pell grant program are all among the Democratic priorities that would see new federal money flow into their coffers. The Food and Drug Administration would receive nearly $335 million more than it did in fiscal 2008. The supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children, known as WIC, would grow by $1.2 billion, a 21 percent jump from the $5.7 billion appropriated last year.

    The Post has a graphic showing that health-labor-education lumped together showed the second lowest budget growth (5%), with only interior-environment lower (4%). Ah yes, the priorities of the prior administration.

  5. whimple said

    FY 2009 was screwed up long ago. Personally, I’m holding my breath to see what happens with FY 2010. This will be the first real opportunity for “change we can believe in”… or not…

  6. drugmonkey said

    you know that stuff those wacky self-important minnesotan bloggers do, poll crashing. wouldn’t it be totally excellent to organize some nccam crashing? Flood them with so much actual science that a couple or two actually had to be funded?

    … a monkey can dream….

  7. writedit said

    The “official” NIH FY09 Fiscal Policy is now up. Such that it is.

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