Continuing the CR

Update: Congratulations – we have a budget for FY09.

I’ve been a little overstimulated, so to speak, but wanted to pass along the news that the continuing resolution holding the NIH and everyone else at FY08 funding levels will continue until midnight tomorrow (March 10). This $410B omnibus (compare this with $787B for stimulus spending) under debate (emphasis on debate) includes $30.3B for the NIH ($938M increase), $6.5 billion for the NSF ($363M increase), and $4.77B for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science ($755M increase). Still no concrete details on what’s in store for FY10. The Obama budget request included no hard numbers for the NIH other than increasing cancer research by $6B but did recommend that the NSF receive $7B (16% increase above FY08 funding levels).



  1. drdra said

    Me too (overstimulated, that is). The news is coming so fast it’s hard to keep up with it! Thanks SO much for keeping the info coming and the running commentary going- this is the only place where I can sort through it quickly!!

  2. Odyssey said

    I’ll second what DrDrA said. Thanks!

    De nada! – writedit

  3. Delenn said

    You Rock! 😉

  4. RGP said

    You most definitely rock!! I have to say again that I truly appreciate your blog and efforts. Thank you SO much!

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