Research, Condition, & Disease Categorization (RCDC) of NIH $

Thanks to Congress, the NIH officially launched the RCDC “process” for conveying funding details on “various diseases, conditions, and research areas.” 215 of them, to be exact, as laid out in this summary table. The dollar amounts include grants, contracts, and intramural research but do not reflect how the full NIH budget is spent.

New this year is the ability to click on the total award amount per category to see details on how this money was distributed, such as this table showing how $8M has been allocated to Tourette Syndrome. Grant number and title, PI, organization, total annual cost … very nice. They could do themselves one better by including a link to the CRISP abstract … maybe even e-mail to the PI?

Impressively, the NIH promises that “links to patents and publications associated with each project also will be available in the next few months.” Thank heavens all that progress reporting you do isn’t for naught.

Of course, one wonders about the utility of such categorization when the largest category is “Clinical Research” ($9,625M), followed by such other laser-precise categories as Genetics ($6,872M), Biotechnology ($5,179M) (not to be confused with Bioengineering at $2,853M, Prevention ($4,623M), Clinical Trials ($3,562M), and so on. Cancer ($5,570M) is listed as its own category, in addition to listings for individual types of cancer (breast, brain, cervical, et al.). We have Emerging Infectious Diseases ($2,098M), plus the garden variety Infectious Diseases ($3,575M) and, again, many individual IDs. And then there are the listings for Climate Change ($4M), Global Warming Climate Change ($1M), and Health Effects of Climate Change ($286M). Who knew?

Orac will be interested to learn that CAM is listed as receiving a mere $430M. Oh, and the additional $567M for Mind and Body. No listing for woo as yet.


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  1. D said

    Check out the Extramural Data Book ( for a 152 slide PP presentation chock of full of data.

    I am glad I didn’t have to sit through that talk.


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