Creative Research Funding Strategies

Blagojevich tactics aside, the brains at Stanford brainstormed about how to generate research funding for the School of Medicine in an era of declining federal support. I have to say, I’m a little underwhelmed, but these summary suggestions in the 5 categories discussed may be of interest to some folks:

Increasing diversification of funding sources
Improve department-based faculty access to philanthropy
Team-up with School of Engineering programs: better coordination with all Stanford schools
Better response to RFAs

Sustaining existing programs
Create collaboration incentives
Improve clinical trials approval process and infrastructure
More investments to promote clinical and populations-based research

Enhancing faculty and institutional competitiveness
Enhance competitiveness of MCL for research (recruitment, time, resources)
Loosen restrictions on PI status
Pre-submission peer review of proposals

Creating incentives for collaborative or interdisciplinary research
Incentives for brainstorming at early stages
Improve access to consultation resources (biostatistics, etc.)
Improve focus of institutes

Using research funding and space more efficiently and cost effectively
Identify options to outsource core services
Rethink hotel space
Off-site storage space (freezers, biospecimens, etc.)



  1. whimple said

    What does this mean: Loosen restrictions on PI status

    Based on my experience, universities have varying rules on whether postdocs, nontenure stream faculty, staff scientists, etc. can apply for grant funding. Clearly Stanford is pretty strict in who can serve as PI and submit proposals. – writedit

  2. bikemonkey said

    “allow anyone to write a grant, we’re freakin’ desperate here!!!!”

  3. These are, of course, preliminary ideas, and each, along with the many others that were generated, will require much more vetting and development before being implemented. Nevertheless, they represent an important start, and I look forward to seeing their further development in the months ahead. I welcome your thoughts as well, both about these ideas and about others you might have, and hope you will communicate any ideas or suggestions to me (, Marcia Cohen (, Dr. Harry Greenberg ( or Dr. Daria Mochly-Rosen (

    I got an idea! Fire Pizzo, Cohen, Greenberg, and Mochly-Rosen!!

    Hmm. Do I smell a job opening here? Certainly not cold outside in Palo Alto … – writedit

  4. BB said

    CoL is outtasight there. Though I have fond memories of living in Half Moon Bay while a grad student … those were the days in some ways.

    Rules can’t be all that strict. VA folk with non-tenure track appointments at Stanford can apply; have a friend who used to be in that position.

    Outsourceing core facilities- I do not think NIH likes that, coming from Ethically-Challenged U, which has oh-so-few true core facilities. Have heard it with mine own ears from NIH.

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