Where Now Writedit?

Having closed another life chapter, Writedit is deciding whether to remain at Baby It’s Cold Outside or, while still easily relocatable, move on to a new opportunity. A few have already presented themselves. Advice & suggestions from the blogosphere about great institutions (to work for, that is – I’ve already reserved a room with a view & a valium drip at the psych hospital here) and great places to live would be most welcome.



  1. Come to where Comrade PhysioProf works and help me get some more motherfucking moolah!!!!

    Dude – you’re funded … and you know how to play the game! – writedit

  2. bikemonkey said

    Yeah, whut he said. ‘cept, where I work of course!!!!

    Whut I said above, only doubly so! – writedit

  3. BB said

    Wherever you go, keep us posted (I know you won’t be coming here, alas!!). Will you free-lance for we unlucky ones?

    Love to … if you can find me a sugardaddyperson to provide health & retirement benefits. 🙂 – writedit

  4. whimple said

    Go to North Carolina. They are up and coming, serious about higher education, and their weather beats BICO big-time. Cost of living is pretty reasonable.

  5. drdrA said

    Baby- its too cold at Baby it’s cold outside… try a more southern climate…and an institution with 100% Salary support… of which I can only think of a couple.

  6. whimple said

    try a more southern climate…and an institution with 100% Salary support… of which I can only think of a couple.

    drdrA, Let’s have the list. Relocation is a not inconceivable concept for me too.

  7. microfool said

    Or come work at the NIH– It’s not too cold outside, and there is always NIEHS if you need it to be warmer.

  8. drdrA said

    Whimple- In my own job search I only visited two institutions with 100% salary support- the one where I am currently (and it snows here like once every 15 years), and Cornell… (not the medical school at Cornell, upstate- and that probably varies across the University). I’d have to poke around a little more to see what else in my state is 100% …

  9. TeaHag said

    Noooo…. throw yourself on the fires of funding-martyrdom and leave some hope that folks in the Icy North will be able to find insight and moral support when whining….


  10. writedit said

    Any yeas-nays on Nashville as a possibility?

  11. bikemonkey said


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