Timeline for Implementing Adobe Forms

An update on the transition to Adobe-based application forms from the latest NIH Extramural Nexus:

January 2009 Receipt Dates

  • Electronically submitted applications must use Adobe-based forms (not Pure-Edge)
  • So, if you have started a PureEdge application for the February cycle, you’ll need to download the Adobe version before submitting. The new Adobe-based application packages will be available at the start of December. The exceptions to the January 1, 2009 transition date are the SBIR and R13/U13 mechanisms for which Adobe-based forms will be available in February 2009. Anyone working on these forms must use Adobe Reader version 8.1.3 or later (available at no cost from Grants.gov).

    Because the NIH is updating the forms themselves as well, you will again need to return to your FOAs in April 2009 to download the latest version of the Adobe-based application forms for receipt dates of May 2009 and beyond.

    Please also keep in mind the warning put out by this Notice:

    The purpose of this notice is to advise grant applicants that they may receive automated email messages from Grants.gov regarding a limited number of Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) that require PHS 398 paper applications. Approximately 100 FOAs active February 1, 2009 and beyond will be migrated by NIH into a new Adobe based system as required by Grants.gov in early December 2008. Please note that these FOAs must be transitioned to the Adobe compliant system, even though they do not yet require the use of the new Adobe-based forms.

    When NIH transitions these opportunities, Grants.gov will automatically generate an email message regarding opening and closing dates, which may lead applicants to believe that the FOA has been closed when, in fact, the FOA is still active. It will be closed in the legacy system and immediately reposted in the new system. NIH has not been able to suppress these messages and therefore advises applicants to disregard the message and check the NIH Guide instead. Applicants can verify that their FOA is still active by searching the NIH Guide or Grants.gov to locate the opportunity of interest.


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    1. BB said

      Bleah! Adobe is such a memory-suck. Let’s see how well they work.

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