Update on Adobe & Electronic Submission Transitions

Update: The NIH notes the Application Guide is now available for these Adobe-based SF424 pilot FOAs.

The NIH is piloting new Adobe application forms in 3 RFAs with receipt dates in October: RFA-AI-08-020, RFA-DE-09-001 (R01), and RFA-DE-09-002 (R21) (the latter two were originally posted with PureEdge application forms and were reposted on July 1 with the new Adobe forms, which must be used). The SF424 Application Guide for Adobe forms will be available on or before August 1, 2008. Full conversion from PureEdge to Adobe forms is planned for December 2008. A quick summary of the NIH notice on these matters is available from our very helpful friends at NIAID.

In other news (from NIAID), NIH has scheduled the transition to electronic application of the following grant types:

Career development awards (K) — February 12, 2009.
Fellowships (F) — April 8, 2009.
Institutional Training Grants (T) — September 25, 2009.

Still undetermined is the date for moving multiproject grants into the electronic sphere.



  1. BB said

    Aargh! What does this mean for those of us who use IBM Workplace forms? Do we have to migrate to Adobe too? How many gazillion dollars do we have to shell out to Adobe? Or can I use my $28 PDF Pen app to fill in forms on my Mac?
    I hate change.
    (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m starting an R21 app today.)

  2. writedit said

    The NIH has announced that, starting January 1, 2009, most electronic submissions to NIH must use Adobe application forms, except SBIR/STTR & R13/U13 applications for the January 7, 2009, AIDS submission deadlines; and RFAs/PARs with non-standard submission dates expiring on or before January 31, 2009. The Notice proves a detailed timeline for the transition.

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