How to Succeed in Science: a Concise Guide

In Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, NIAID’s Jonathan Yewdell invites those looking for research career advice in the biomedical sciences to “take a study break, grab a cup of coffee and read on.”

He offers his series “How to succeed in science: a concise guide for young biomedical scientists” in 2 parts.

In the May issue, Part I: taking the plunge, where he provides “unvarnished [not as unvarnished as PP’s though] advice for young biomedical scientists on the difficulties that lie ahead and on how to find the right laboratories for training in the skills that you will need to succeed.”

In the June issue, Part II: making discoveries, where he provides “practical advice to young scientists on choosing a research topic, designing, performing and interpreting experiments and, last but not least, on maintaining your sanity in the process.”



  1. PhysioProf said

    how to find the right laboratories for training in the skills that you will need to succeed

    I’ll go take a look. I sure hope Yewdell’s not a wackaloon delusional fucknozzle like Fartrail.

    Um, me too. For his sake. – writedit

  2. BB said

    How about advice for mid-career folks in these days of diminishing grant dollars yet increased pressure from academe to produce them (or else)?

  3. BB said

    OK, had to stop reading at the point he mentioned calculating p values from single experiments.
    Intratest variance does not equal reproducibility. Or am I missing something?

  4. BugDoc said

    I thought these articles were right on target; valuable advice with a good dose of common sense and reality. I am definitely passing these on to my students.

  5. More advice on the subject from the Nobel prize winners can be found here.

    Cool – thanks for sharing! – writedit

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