“Massive Case of Fraud” – 70 papers over 4 years

Update: Science provides an overview of this case as well.

As reported in Chemical & Engineering News, “A CHEMIST IN INDIA has been found guilty of plagiarizing and/or falsifying more than 70 research papers published in a wide variety of Western scientific journals [n=25] between 2004 and 2007.”

The unprecedented fraud by Pattium Chiranjeevi of Sri Venkateswara University was discovered by Purnendu Dasgupta, the US editor of Analytica Chimica Acta, when a reviewer noted that a Chiranjeevi submission was similar to a published paper from a Japanese group. “In fact, Dasgupta says, but for the change in the name of the chemical being measured, the papers were identical.” Elsevier has retracted the 13 Chiranjeevi’s articles published in its journals.

In addition to trying to blame his students for the plagiarism, Chiranjeevi “was charging students a fee to award them degrees” – not sure if this means in addition to the University tuition or what, but maybe it was for the bonus lessons in scientific misconduct: “some of them [his students] were aware of and participated in the fraud he perpetrated.”

Dasgupta reported using eBlast, which is used to develop/maintain the Deja Vu database, to find reviewers but, interestingly, seems only after the fact to have considered it as a means to flag potential plagiarism.


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  1. […] and the underlying tool, eBlast, were mentioned (though apparently not used) in conjunction with a massive case of fraud (70 articles published over a 4-year period […]

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