NIH & Other HHS Funding $

Update of sorts … in Nature (excerpt included as comment below) and Science.

NCI: $4,890,525,000 ($8M for intramural facility renovation)
NHLBI: $2,974,900,000
NIDCR: $396,632,000
NIDDK: $1,736,199,000
NINDS: $1,571,353,000
NIAID: $4,641,746,000 ($300M to Global HIV/AIDS Fund)
NIGMS: $1,970,228,000.
NICHD: $1,277,017,000.
NEI: $678,978,000.
NIEHS: $653,673,000.
NIA: $1,065,881,000.
NIAMS: $517,629,000.
NIDCD: $401,146,000.
NINR: $139,920,000.
NIAAA: $444,016,000.
NIDA: $1,018,493,000.
NIMH: $1,429,466,000.
NHGRI: $495,434,000.
NIBIB: $303,955,000.
NCRR: $1,169,884,000.
NCCAM: $123,739,000.
NCMHD: $203,117,000.
FIC: $67,741,000.
NLM: $326,669,000 (misc $ earmarked for specific programs)

Great Zerhouni: $1,128,819,000, of which up to $25M shall be used to carry out section 215 of this Act; ~$113M shall be available for continuation of the National Children’s Study; $504.4M shall be available for the Common Fund; $10,000 shall be for official reception and representation expenses; up to $4M from Office of AIDS Research to make grants for construction or renovation of facilities; $121M for intramural renovation & equipment etc.

HRSA: $6,978,099,000
CDC: $6,156,541,000
SAMHSA: $3,291,543,000
AHRQ: $334,564,000
AoA: $1,438,567,000



  1. RGP said

    So what do you think this flat funding means for 2008 pending percentile paylines compared to 2007 percentile paylines? I read that many grants were ending in 2008 allowing for ICs to fund more RO1s for example but I am uncertain of the validity of that statement….I am still holding my breath to hear from NIA.

    Yes, some of the final doubling award era awards are coming up on their end dates, and this “opportunity” to free up funds for new awards has been cited in commentaries in various journals & media outlets. However, my guess is that 99.9% of those PIs will be submitting competing renewals, so I’m not sure why they’re being discussed as “closing” when a good portion will in fact be continued, sooner if not later on A1 or A2 submissions. – writedit

  2. Neuro-conservative said

    I have heard along the same lines as RGP, insofar as all grants awarded during the doubling era are now closed/closing — sounds like wishful thinking to me, though.

  3. drugmonkey said

    It seems obvious to me that while some sunsetting of the “doubling” awards will happen all this does is return program some flexibility in how they award the dollars. Same dollars = same number of grants (approx) = same “success rate”. per investigator that is! Maybe the numbers will shift around for new versus continuation apps so that NIH will have something to brag on. But the critical issue isn’t going to change- it won’t be “easier” for us to get the grants.

  4. PhysioProf said

    One datapoint is the NIAID payline. It was 12.0 for R01s last year, and is 10.0 for R01s this year.

    However, NIAID is hoping to bump it back up to 12.0 now that the CR has ended: “NIAID is using an interim payline for regular R01s at the 10.0 percentile while we are under a continuing resolution. We hope to be able to raise that payline to the 12.0 percentile later in the fiscal year. However, that change would depend on our final appropriation level.” I’m sure NIAID will let us know if their appropriation supports this increase any day now.

  5. RGP said

    Yes but it seems that NIAID is getting a 4% increase according to:

    If NIAIDs paylines remain flat for FY08 with a 4% increase from FY 07(or temporarily lower for the non-New Investigator), then what does that mean will happen to the other ICs who are close to a 0% increase….I’m guessing the paylines will be dropping for the other ICs…or does the closing of some grants factor in to this early in the year payline that seems to evolve during the fiscal year.

    I’m pretty new at this (I’m a new investigator) but it’s been quite the learning experience and I really appreciate write-edits blog very much.

    NIAID is still a tough call since most of their increase ($300M) is pass-through funding for the Global HIV/AIDS fund. Folks shouldn’t be rushing their proposals over there certainly.

  6. writedit said

    From Nature:

    The National Science Foundation saw its R&D funding grow 1%, to $4.5 billion — not the 8% rise requested by Bush.

    The NIH, which had been set to receive a 3.1% boost in a budget bill vetoed by Bush in November (see Nature 450, 470; 2007), will instead get a 0.5% increase of $133 million, bringing its effective budget to $28.9 billion. That will make 2008 the fifth consecutive year of effectively flat funding for the NIH.

    The 0.5% increase drew sharp rebukes from advocates for biomedical research, who criticized Bush for forcing Congress to shave more than half-a-billion dollars from what it had allotted to the NIH in November. “That was a really big hit,” says David Moore, senior associate vice-president at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington DC. “We’re extremely disappointed,” adds Jon Retzlaff, the senior lobbyist at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

    Still, some corners of the NIH will have reason to celebrate, such as the once-embattled National Children’s Study, which Bush had tried to eliminate but which ended up growing by $42 million, to $111 million. Open-access advocates also applauded a provision in the bill that will require NIH-funded investigators to submit — or have submitted for them — their peer-reviewed manuscripts to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central when they are accepted for publication. The manuscripts will be made publicly available no later than 12 months after publication.

    Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California) sent out a letter to the research community, saying that “her commitment to the innovation agenda remains strong and steadfast”. And advocates of the physical sciences vowed to keep fighting. Charles Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering, says that other countries are proceeding apace with research investments. “If we keep doing business as usual,” he says, “we’re going to get our lunch eaten.”

    Lunch? Lunch? Dr. Vest has time to eat lunch? Or maybe he’s indicating that now, with budgets in the toilet, he will have time for this optional daytime feeding period.

  7. RGP said

    I wonder if Soylent Green will be the daily special

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