Zerhouni et al. on Peer Review & More

I still haven’t had a chance to check them out, but I know Drugmonkey and many more of you will want to dig into these presentations by Zerhouni, Tabak, Yamamoto, Krensky (Dr. OPASI), et al. at the Dec 7 Advisory Committee to the Director meeting.

Update: The Chronicle of Higher Education includes a nice summary of Keith Yamamoto’s suggestions.


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  1. drugmonkey said

    That Chronicle thing seems to suggest that some of this is a done deal. My read of the presentation and the video from the PRAC meeting is that they are still emphasizing that this is the proposal / suggestion phase.

    Or do they see right through this facade?

    The Chronicle says the working group (external, created by the ACD) “plans to continue refining its ideas in January … [and the NIH] is expected to decide by March whether to begin testing some of the proposed changes” … and though no formal meetings are shown on the Website, Keith Y. cites a Jan 3-4, 2008 session in his Dec presentation. The ACD (Advisory Committee to the Director) typically only meets in June & Dec (they did meet in Feb in 2007 though, so perhaps will again in 2008). PRAC (peer review advisory committee) does not meet again (formally) until April 7th.

    Still, 7-page application narratives? The open Request For Information data showed a preference for 15 pages, so I assume the new emphasis on 7 pages is coming from the internal surveys. Ditto for the, um, “transformative R01 track” (creates new field?). Anyway, at 7 pages, either I’ll be out of a job (which about now sounds like a Very Good Thing) … or my workload will be treble. Or at least my transformative successor’s workload will be.

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