FY08 Federal Budget Update

Update: W signed the omnibus budget bill today (12/26) … with, no big surprise, a signing statement. Didn’t care for the earmarks or $28 billion extra in spending approved by Congress (& signed into law … sort of, it seems).

Sausage is almost in the casing with the Senate passage (76-17) of the omnibus appropriations bill tonight (12/18) … and the House passed (272-141) it tonight (12/19). Apparently ~9000 earmarks costing over $7 billion. A tad fewer than the 31,000+ originally submitted at least. Final text passed available through Thomas at the Library of Congress (search bills for “H.R.2764.EAH”).

The continuing resolution that ends today will be extended until Dec 21. In the meantime, Congress will bundle the remaining 11 appropriations bills into an omnibus budget package that funds domestic programs at the President’s requested level rather than the higher levels in earlier House or Senate appropriations bills. No joy in Mudville.

Except … Nancy Pelosi is trying to include the higher House-approved funding levels for the NIH in HR 3043, which would translate into an overall 3.6% increase over FY07 (to $30.2 billion), with the ICs themselves receiving about a 2.4-2.8% increase in their budgets.

Update: The current omnibus version gives the NIH an appropriation of $29.229 billion, which is an increase of $329 million (1.1%) over FY07. However, the NIH itself receives $28.942 billion, an increase of $133 million (0.46%), with $201 million for transfer from the NIH to the Global HIV/AIDS Fund. You can see how your favorite ICs did budget-wise on pages 47-53 of this HHS-Education-Labor appropriations draft.


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