NIAID FY08 Payline Update

Update: Please see the NIH Paylines & Resources page for the latest information.

FY08 payline at NIAID

Einstein/Yeshiva Payline Table



  1. RGP said

    It appears that NHLBI has also posted…Or is that also interim?


    Yes – these are interim given the qualifying statement about FY08 appropriations needing to be established. The Einstein/Yeshiva table is great – thanks very much, RGP! – writedit

  2. Jerry Zhao said

    How is the payline for K01 award from NIA, I can not get any information from NIA.


    Jerry Zhao

    You should get some sort of smoke signal in Jan or Feb if you have a score. A friend here received a 157 score on his initial K submission to NIA on a really hot topic; he was told to work on a resubmission but not be surprised if the A0 application was funded after all. Most program officers will advise applicants to resubmit in March as insurance – with the possibility they could still have the prior scored application funded in the meantime. Good luck! – writedit

  3. RGP said

    I realized that it never hurts to look up — see what happens a few directories up from the initial link listed:

    I especially liked the “Private Sources” link.

    I still haven’t heard from NIA….PO is on vacation until tomorrow. I’m not sure what happens next but with the few FY08 percentiles that have been posted for RO1s, it appears that paylines are dropping by a few percentiles for New Investigators or staying put. I hope that bodes well for my application. I guess we are all holding our breath waiting. Have no idea what else to do….

    Yes, these folks have their act together. I should have browsed around some more last spring when I checked out the Einstein/Yeshiva Strategic Research Plan. And I need to pull together a separate blog page with updated payline info plus great grantsmanship & funding links such as this … sadly, my current institution (which has no clue how much it receives in research awards or where the money comes from) would not be among them. Should have time to do this one of these years … – writedit

  4. Neg Arumik said

    NICHD’s payline (R01) for new investigator is 15%.

    This is per an anecdotal report, not an official NICHD pronouncement. – writedit

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