CSR Chartered Reviewers Given Open Submission Policy

Per the Sept 2007 Peer Review Notes and the January 2008 Notice establishing this policy, CSR is waiving the standing submission dates for chartered reviewers seeking to submit R01, R03, R21, R34 and R15 applications. These applications would be reviewed within 90 days and (if scored, I assume) be sent on for consideration by the next scheduled Institute Advisory Council. Interestingly, half of applications submitted by chartered review panel members are sent to Special Emphasis Panels rather than recurring study sections.

In this same newsletter, CSR indicates its intent to shorten the review cycle for all applications, not just those submitted by new investigators, so PIs can submit A0, A1, and A2 applications all in the same year. Oh boy.

Other news includes a new IRG (Emerging Technologies and Training in Neurosciences), a new review division (Neuroscience, Development and Aging), consideration of a 2-stage review process (a la Pioneer award, with interviews in the second stage), and aggressive recruitment of SROs and experienced reviewers (via outreach to scientific societies).


  1. drugmonkey said

    “Interestingly, half of applications submitted by chartered review panel members are sent to Special Emphasis Panels rather than recurring study sections”

    This is because, unsurprisingly, the study section a member sits on is frequently the most appropriate for that member’s proposals. COI is automatic if the proposal would otherwise be directed to the applicant (or co-investigator’s) “own” study section.

    Poorly worded sans an “only” after a damnable day. I actually expected more than half of reviewer proposals to go to SEPs, due to the COI you note and their high likelihood of submitting in response to RFAs & PARs & PASs (though I guess these could involve a standing IC panel and thus contribute to the non-SEP 50%).

  2. Mentorless said

    1. What are, “CSR” and, “IRG?”
    2. What are “chartered reviewers” and “chartered review panels?”

    Center for Scientific Review
    Integrated Review Group
    Please visit the CSR Website to educate yourself. In brief, chartered or standing study sections have permanent or chartered members who review investigator-initiated research applications submitted at the standing receipt dates for the 3 review cycles. SEPs or Special Emphasis Panels, whether at CSR or the individual institutes/centers, do not have permanent or chartered membership. A formal process selects chartered or permanent reviewers based on their qualifications who serve for up to 4 years.

  3. drugmonkey said

    …wait, what’s this now? You mean I might actually have to Google a couple of terms now and then? Aren’t you supposed to be spoon feeding us writedit?

    Actually, I’m glad mentorless called me out on using abbreviations sans explanation or context. I’m used to working one-on-one with faculty & explaining all this as I go along. I want the blog to be helpful for the same sort of folks who visit my office (junior investigators predominantly), and that means being cognizant of what they might not know (but need to). On the other hand, the lack of familiarity & less than clear on the concept comments in the CTSA post are instructive. Working on that overview I promised … – writedit

  4. drugmonkey said

    I created a glossary page for this purpose, simple enough to add terms cumulatively as you use them in posts. ‘course then the mentorless types will want a link to the exact entry each time….

    and of course i’ve just been throwing them up without regard for organization at the moment. you’ll have to do some arranging for your vast array of federal gobbledygook

  5. drugmonkey said

    Re the corrected “only half” of empaneled PI applications landing in SEPs, not so strange. My work is pretty limited in domain and there are still at least three panels that are appropriate depending on the exact proposal. I bat higher than average on SEPs I would think because frequent collaborators inhabit one or more of the relevant regular panels and because I work hard to keep mine out of one particular panel (for various stupid and likely unsupportable reasons!)

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