Biomedical Research Funding Flatlined

A news blip in Science passes along the cheery news from Research! America that non-industry private research funding levels have been flat since 2001 and that industry health research funding will likely dip in the years to come.

Specifically: “nonindustry private funding represented 2% of the $116 billion spent on U.S. health research in 2006 and has been “completely flat” since 2001, says Research!America policy analyst Stacie Propst. Spending by industry has risen slightly since NIH’s budget stalled at about $29 billion after 2004, but Propst predicts a dip because industry research funding typically follows federal patterns with a lag of a few years. The proportion of each U.S. health care dollar that now goes to research is 5.5 cents and falling, Propst adds.”


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