NSF Report on FY08 R&D Request

Comprehensive & concise tabulation of the Presidential FY08 request for R&D expenditures from our statistically inclined friends at the NSF. We’ll see what comes out at the other end of the sausage making process.

The Defense component of R&D funding increases by $0.7B to $82.4B, with only Air Force enjoying an increase for “various space and classified weapons development programs, including war-related supplemental requests.” Black, black, black.

Non-Defense R&D expenditures increase by $0.6B to $55.9B. Health (mainly but not entirely the NIH), the largest non-defense R&D component, is projected to be $29.2B, which is a $0.2B decrease from FY07.

Space gets a $0.6B (6.4%) increase to $9.5B.

General Science (ie, NSF, DOE) also gets a $0.6B (7.9%) increase to $7.8B.

Environment (EPA, Interior, Commerce, USDA) get a whopping $12M (0.6%) increase to $1.9B. Agriculture (USDA, Extension Service) was cut 10.7%, now at $1.6B. Energy (DOE) also lost 7.1% to wind up at $1.5B. Um, have they looked at the latest projections on oil supply forecasts?

Trends shown using FY00 constant dollar amounts telll the depressing story even more clearly.


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