ORI Findings of Misconduct in Science

Notice is hereby given that based on an investigation conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and additional analysis and information obtained by ORI during its oversight review, the U.S. PHS found that Kristin Roovers, Ph.D., former postdoctoral fellow, Departments of Medicine, Cell and Developmental Biology, and Pharmacology, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and former graduate student, Department of Pharmacology, UP, engaged in misconduct in science in research funded by grants R01 HL061567, P50 HL057278, and T32 HL07873; grants P30 DK52574 and R01 DK066886; grant R01 CA72639; and grants R01 GM48224, R01 GM58224, R01 GM51878, and R01 GM69064.

Dr. Roovers’ manipulations and falsification of data were extensive, encompassing 19 panels of Western blot data, appearing in 11 figures in 3 publications from her research as a graduate student and her first postdoctoral position and in 9 panels of immunoblot data in 8 figures of an unpublished manuscript.



  1. madhamster said

    The ORI updates are much appreciated — I don’t check that site often enough. Do you know if an institution is required to submit an incident report to the ORI? I’ve known of a few that weren’t, presumably due to fears of tarnishing an institution’s reputation. Is it a voluntary process?

  2. PhysioProf said

    You can sign up for a weekly e-mail linking to all NIH Notices (which include ORI Findings) and Funding Announcements (RFIs, RFAs, and PAs):


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  4. […] In this same issue, Nature also cites the decision of the Ottawa Health Research Institute to suspend Kristin Roovers, whose case ORI closed and reported on last year. […]

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