Gradual Transition to Fillable PDF Forms

Well, I got my hopes up when I saw posted an update on the transition from the hated PureEdge (especially hated among Mac & Linux users) to fillable Adobe PDF forms. Sadly, though, when I checked in with a contact at OER, the news is too good to be true just yet … “ just deployed their 07 system today and they have a few adobe forms they are now accepting. They do not have the Adobe forms for the SF 424 (rr) ready in adobe. I am anticipating nih will transition to adobe forms sometime this fall.” Hang in there, folks!



  1. PhysioProf said

    I am so ready for this transition! PureEdge is evil!!!!!!!!!

  2. Drugmonkey said

    true dat. what on earth were they thinking going to this PureEdge joke and then immediately switching to something else? It is the absolute worst stereotype of the government in action.

    i wonder how many R01 equivalents were burned to create this travesty?

  3. PhysioProf said

    I think they *thought* they had no choice but to go with PureEdge–which was already in use by–in order to meet the legally mandated deadline for transition to electronic application. I don’t know why they didn’t just use Fastlane, which colleagues who have used it to apply for NSF grants tell me is very simple and user-friendly.

    Fastlane is fantastic … so you won’t be surprised to hear NSF is screaming (& prevaricating as much as possible) at having to migrate to with the rest of the federal grant-making universe.

  4. […] Webcast scheduled for 1-3 pm ET on 7/19 that will address the use of the new fillable Adobe PDF forms (including how they will look & act during the application process). Looks as though the […]

  5. BB said

    PureEdge = PureEvil. Citrix server tracks keystrokes. I had many heated conversations with the NIH staff over forcing Macintosh and Linux users to use propietary MicroSoft software, in the wake of the DoJ’s decision. The DoD’s system worked very well too, from the start. Why didn’t take a lesson from NSF or DoD is unfathomable.
    Another question I have is requiring Adobe Reader. I don’t have Adobe Reader on any of my Macs – it takes a lot of memory and Preview does what I want anyway. Why should now support Adobe as the exclusive software for pdf forms? Lots of software handles pdfs forms, after all.

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