ORI Findings of Research Misconduct

Based on the report of an inquiry conducted by the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) and additional analysis and information obtained by the Office of Research Integrity during its oversight review, the U.S. Public Health Service found that Carlos A. Murillo, M.D., former Surgical Resident, Department of Surgery, UTMB, engaged in research misconduct in research supported by grants R01 DK48498 and T32 DK07639. Specifically, Dr. Murillo falsified research on the amelioration by antisense RNA (siRNA) of dextran-induced colonic toxicity in mice. He altered the concentrations of dextran solution fed to mice to induce colonic inflammation, by intentionally including little or no dextran in the drinking water of siRNA treated mice, so that the animals that received siRNA would have few or no colonic lesions.



  1. drugmonkey said

    Another MD, I note. Are you running a box score on MD vs PhD and grad student vs. post doc vs PI by any chance?

    Seriously though, although I can’t say I read these notices consistently, this seems to be a bit of new territory. Planning a cheat pretty far back in the chain as opposed to substituting some faked gel, calling an antibody something it wasn’t, or the like.

    This is about as premeditated as they come. I’m applying to a graduate program in bioethics and met with the director today, who was somewhat puzzled as to my interest in research integrity & misconduct and institutional conflict of interest. I’ll let you know what the the box score shows. – writedit

  2. drugmonkey said

    what’s “bioethics” for then? the stem cell debate and the genetically modified food issue? snore. angels. pin head. discuss amongst yourselves…

    Something like that. I told her I would want to do empirical research (vs lit/theory research). Another novel suggestion. Don’t think I’d better put you on the short list for letters of reference, Drugmonkey. I actually do want to be accepted into the program … writedit

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