More Fun with NIH $ & Award Data

This time, a presentation on the NIH Investment direct from OER. NIH policy wonks will be delighted, though I’m still looking for that elusive graph that plots R01s awarded in response to RFAs (what the NIH calls “solicited”) vs those in response to PAs & PARs & PAS (what I would call solicited or at least semi-solicited but the NIH considers unsolicited) vs those in response to the plain jane parent PA (truly investigator initiated). Drugmonkey should be able to find trends of interest lurking in graphs stacked with colors so similar it’s maddening even if you aren’t colorblind. Or maybe being a deuteranope is advantageous here in this sea of blues, greens, and blue-greens. In any case, data associated with the slides are linked within the publication and can be accessed by right clicking the slide, selecting “edit slide”, and then double clicking the graphic. What fun.


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  1. drugmonkey said

    Remember this quote
    “It has been suggested that decreased success rates are the result of NIH’s excessively shifting its emphasis to applied research and clinical trials through large solicitations and projects at the expense of unsolicited, investigator-initiated basic research. This is simply not the case.”

    from Zerhouni’s Nov 06 policy forum in Science? And you know his highly selective presentation of dollar amounts and changes over a decade that are irrelevant when the discussion is the past three years? Well, the data set you link to shows us that the number of Centers funded (and $$) are going up while R01s are decreasing in number while dollars stay relatively flat.

    If one category is staying flat or going up while another category decreases, well, then yes by one viewpoint the one is paying the price for the other. It is only if they follow similar trends that one can really support Zerhouni’s position.

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