Plug for Open Access

A refreshing opening and concluding slide at today’s Laureate Lecture: “I SUPPORT OPEN ACCESS.”

Richard Roberts, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at New England BioLabs and recipient of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (discovery of split genes) discussed methods for predicting active restriction enzymes and experimental approaches to testing computational predictions of the same. However, he took considerable time at the beginning to proselytize, as he put it, for scientists to publish in open access journals or to pay the required fee to ensure open access. He is very much in favor of Congress mandating that all NIH-funded investigators be required to use PubMed Central and gave a plug for Nucleic Acids Research plus his own REBASE database. He strongly believes this is one of the most worthwhile causes in the scientific community, and I – unencumbered by the P&T process, of course (as is Dr. Roberts) – concur.

And for those of you looking for all-things open access, I encourage you to check out Open Access News.


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