6 Newly Chartered Study Sections

New study sections require about the same gestational period as a human before they are delivered into service at CSR. For the October 2007 cycle, the following study sections led by the designated SRA will be reviewing applications (so those of you submitting new or amended proposals with potential overlap should take a look at these groups):

  • CSRS/Cellular Signaling and Regulatory Systems, SRA Jonathan Arias
  • MIST/Molecular and Integrative Signal Transduction, SRA Raya Mandler
  • MSFD/Macromolecular Structure and Function D (computational focus), SRA James Mack
  • MSFE/Macromolecular Structure and Function E (mechanistic enzymology focus), SRA Nitsa Rosenzweig
  • CMBG/Cellular and Molecular Biology of Glia, SRA Toby Behar
  • CMND/Cellular and Molecular Biology of Neurodegeneration, SRA Carole Jelsema

You can learn more about them and all study sections at the CSR Website. You’ll see them sprinkled through 4 updated IRGs: Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics; Biology of Development and Aging; Cell Biology; and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Neuroscience.


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