New PI Rapid Review Results

I recently noted the addition of 46 more study sections to the New Investigator Pilot Program, and I have now tracked down some data on how this pilot is going. Sounds like you all in the new investigator category should definitely start taking advantage of the quick resubmission opportunity upon getting your summary statement.

As a refresher, here’s the scenario timeline: New investigator submits a new R01 application for the Feb 5 receipt date that is reviewed by a study section participating in the pilot program (all study sections will be on board by the October cycle). Said new investigator gets his/her summary statement by July 1. Said new investigator can submit a revised (A1) application by July 20 and have it counted toward the July 5 cycle deadline. Otherwise, said new investigator must wait until Nov 5 to resubmit.

For the July and Nov 2006 cycles, 1207 new investigator R01s were reviewed by study sections participating in the pilot study. 162 of these new investigators (13.4%) took advantage of the opportunity to revise and resubmit a cycle early (e.g., July 20 instead of waiting for Nov 5).

Almost a third of these early resubmitters (30%) received A1 scores that fell below the 15th percentile – almost guaranteed funding for a new PI. Among applicants not participating in the pilot program, only 16% of new investigators submitting A1 applications fared as well.

Now, it is a bit worrisome that about one third of pilot program R01 resubmitters were unscored … though one half of new investigator revised applications not part of the pilot program were also unscored. So, it is hard to judge, but it doesn’t sound as though hurrying to resubmit in 3 weeks is any more likely to result in a streamlined application as is waiting for the next cycle. Sad to think folks in both these groups only have one more chance to submit – especially with no feedback from the study section as a group. Hopefully they are chatting up their program officer – and getting sound advice from him or her.



  1. John Q. Applicant said

    “especially with no feedback from the study section as a group.” What are you talking about? Thats not how this process works? The early resubmission allows the new investigator to be reviewed immediately by the full study section in the next cycle. Also, too bad CSR has not provided the original scores of those in the experiment. The results would take on a different perspective if you knew that so many were originally UN or had very bad % scores.

    Unscored applications do not include a resume or summary of discussion – just the critiques of the assigned reviewers. The full group input is reflected, I guess, in the lack of a score. – writedit

  2. nihapp said

    Yes, of course UN applications do not include a RESUME. But the way you phrased it makes it sound very different with respect to the process. How many of these UN applications were UN to start with or had poor % scores? How many that scored below the 15% were close to that to start with? How many applications are there in the new investigatoer 30% pool as compared to the 16% pool? Since someone at CSR is feeding you the data, why not try to get more compelling information to help new investigatorsdecide whether this process is worth using one of their three tries.

    Sad to say, no one is feeding me these data, and I would love to know how the initial & revised submissions scored to make meaningful comparisons & recommendations with regard to rapid or delayed resubmission. If I can get these data, of course I will post them here. – writedit

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