NIH Roadmap v. 1.5

For the next couple of years, almost 2% of the NIH budget ($486 million in President’s 2008 & 2009 budgets) will be devoted to NIH Roadmap Initiatives, which receive 5-10 years of “incubator space” to … incubate, I guess. Maybe do some pre-emptive transformations while they’re at it.

NIAID is leading the Inflammation Working Group, and they are right on the ball seeking public input about Inflammation as a Common Mechanism of Disease. In addition to the various e-mails for providing feedback on specific topics, NIAID asks you to contact Dr. Chuck Hackett at 301/496-8973 or

During the next few months, NIH will plan new Roadmap initiatives with input from the Council of Councils and the Council of Public Representatives. This spring, IC directors will give these plans a final review, after which (summer-fall) the Great Zerhouni will select the which initiatives are converted to RFAs with advice from the Advisory Committee to the Director.

Maybe a good idea will even make it past all these councils & committees.


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