NIH Misc

According to the Great Zerhouni, the “NIH will support, at a minimum, 1500 First-Time Investigators on competing R01 awards in FY 2007.” Not too shabby I guess.

And the NIH … or at least the Great Zerhouni … is tracking poll numbers: “According to a nationwide Harris Poll of 2,337 U.S. adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive(R) between January 11 and 18, 2007, 63% of the public claims it knows what NIH does and 75% of those individuals think we are doing a good job. The trend data show that NIH has experienced a 12% increase in favorability since 2000.”

Oh, and the NIH brand apparently has a motto: transforming health and medicine through discovery.

Makes sense given the “NIH Core Strategic Vision”:

  • Transform medicine and health from a Curative to a Preemptive paradigm
  • Support basic research to identify the earliest molecular stages of disease in complex biological systems
  • Accelerate translation of findings from the bench to the bedside to the community
  • Provide the evidence and knowledge base to allow for a rational transformation of our healthcare system

A pre-emptive paradigm, eh?


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