More Rapid Reviews for New Investigator R01s

This NIH Notice provides an update on the 46 additional study sections joining the effort to shorten the review cycle for new investigator R01 submissions. Quick reminder as to the major points of this program:

  • Study Sections participating will schedule meetings so that new investigators receive their summary statements no later than March 1, July 1, or October 1.
  • The Summary Statements for qualifying applications will have an explicit note indicating eligibility for next cycle submission.
  • Resubmission applications for consideration at the next cycle must be submitted by March 20, July 20, or November 20.
  • Resubmission applications must be reviewed by the same study section that reviewed the previous version.
  • New Investigators who do not choose the next cycle option or request review by a different study section will use the standard resubmission dates for subsequent cycle submission (March 5, July 5, or November 5).

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  1. Alex said

    Thank You

    You – and everyone else – are very welcome, Alex. I hope my tutorials and news items are useful, and I derive tremendous satisfaction helping others in this regard. Happy to address specific topics upon request. – writedit

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