Payline Update – Final #s from NIAID

Unlike most of its IC brethren, NIAID always gives very timely, precise information on its funding strategy, including paylines and percentiles. They’ve even taken the trouble to update the last few interim paylines, as shown below. Incredibly, they are also fully funding competing grants – with a 3% inflationary escalation for future years. I’m sure all you who experienced 25% budget cuts are thinking you’re in the wrong IC.

R01 – 12th percentile (new investigators, 14th percentile)
R03 – 135
R15 – 142 (AREA)
R21 – 135
R41/42 – 159 (STTR)
R43/44 – 180 (SBIR)
F31 – 140 (predoc)
F32 – 133 (postdoc)
K – 159 (other than K99)
T32 – not available

Now if we could only get NCI, NIDA, NIAAA, NICHD, et al. to cough up some guidance on their funding “strategies”.

Update: The priority scores for R03, R15, R21, and STTR proposals were bumped up just a tad.

Update 2: The T32 priority score cut-off has been set at 131.


  1. Jonathan Gindes said

    Do you know if NIA has posted an SBIR payline? I havn’t been able to find one. Thanks

    NIA is one of those ICs that doesn’t believe in posting clearly demarcated cut-off scores. In general, SBIRs are funded at fairly high scores, perhaps going up as high as 200 in some ICs. Your best guidance will come from the program officer listed on your summary statement. You can send a quick e-mail with your score, grant number, and grant title requesting some insight as to where you stand in the pack. The program officer should be willing and able to help – and at least indicate whether you are in the running or not.

    Good luck with this. I know the success of an SBIR depends heavily on the track record & capabilities of the small business and whether reviewers believe the company can complete the work proposed (usually not as big an issue for university-based research). – writedit

  2. […] 6th, 2007 MWE&G notes that NIAID is particularly upfront about funding strategies, in substantial contrast to most ICs. I don’t like the […]

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