UC Update & “Scientific Integrity Institute” Launched

I think I’m going to kiss the building where I work tomorrow in utter & complete gratitude for the comprehensive institutional ban on any & all funding of any ilk from the tobacco industry. Thank god I’m not at UVa (had considered it) or the UC system, based on what continues to unfold out there.

On March 22, UC determined that James Enstrom did not engage in scientific misconduct as alleged by the American Cancer Society. No surprise there, actually.

The Los Angeles Times provides an update on the UC Board of Regents’ deliberations as to whether to ban all tobacco research funding, which currently amounts to $15.85M as summarized efficiently in this table. Hmm. UCLA gets $6M for an Adolescent Smoking Cessation Center. They should have held out for more like UVa. Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with Regent John Moore, who argues that:

“taking tobacco money damages UC’s reputation. Of researchers who take tobacco money, he added, ‘I don’t know how these people live with themselves.'”

Enstrom has been the lightening rod for all anti-tobacco campaigns at UC it seems, but like a lightening rod, he’s drawn the firepower upon himself with his outspoken views. And now … oy:

“Enstrom recently founded the Scientific Integrity Institute to air his views. He says it gets no tobacco money and consists mainly of a website. The website mounts a spirited and lengthy defense of his life’s work.”

So glad he commandeered the name “Scientific Integrity Institute” for this purpose.


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  1. Peteski said

    I hope this isn’t true.

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