Help for Deuteranopes

This is too cool.

About 7–10% of men have some form of what is commonly referred to as red-green color blindness and officially called deuteranomaly (deuteranopia in much smaller portion). Feels like I’ve met them all.

Consider the problems these poor chaps have navigating images and presentation slides of heavily red-green-dependent immunofluorescence, microarray, “heat-map”, and structural data.

To get a feel for how deuteranopes perceive the scientific world, check out Vischeck. To see how you can correct your red-green-intensive images so they are accessible to deuteranopes, check out the Daltonize tool (named after John Dalton, the red-green colorblind father of atomic theory). Indeed, the Nature Structural & Molecular Biology style guide now asks that contrasts of red and green be avoided in graphs, models and schematics and encourages use of these online resources for just this purpose.

Update: Our friends down under have kindly alerted me to the availability of additional resources at their Colour Blind Awareness and Support Group, including help for a wider range of disorders.


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  1. Colour Blind Awareness and Support Group Australia said

    Your site is good example of how not to use colours! I CANNOT see your links?
    Your data that 7% of the10 % of men you mentioned are DEUTERANOPIA
    IN FACT should be DEUTERANOMALY that is, they have the green cone but it is not working properly.(green sensitive)
    DEUTERANOPIA is less than 1% of the 10% of men and the green cone is ACTUALLY missing (unable to recieve green) Quite different.
    There are AT LEAST 8 DIFFERENT CLASSIFICATIONS of colour defective vision they are but two of them plus there are individual variations.

    The colours NOT USE IS NOT JUST RED AND GREEN BUT ANY COLOUR WITH RED AND GREEN IN IT such as indigo, violets, purples wich we see as blue.

    Colour blind Awareness and Support Gropup Australia

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