Sorting Your Options

So you’ve sent that A2 and need to look for another grant-writing project for the June cycle. You start with the more targeted RFAs, somewhat daunted by a list of nearly 100 offerings. Then you move down to the Program Announcements – yikes! Nearly 700? Never mind.

No, wait – come back! I had no idea folks didn’t know about these tricks for quickly skimming the mechanisms or IC offerings of most interest. If you look at these two two tables, you will note the column headers are hyperlinked. You might think to an explanation for what that column includes, but no – it is an automatic sort function. So, if you are looking for current PAs for a specific mechanism such as R21 or K08, click on the column header entitled “Activity Code”, and the entire table is resorted alphanumerically by funding mechanism (starting with the Ds or Fs etc. and concluding with the Us or Xs). Alternatively, if you want to see what RFAs your favorite IC has out, click on the column header entitled “Issuing Organization” to sort the table alphabetically by the institute or center taking the lead on the announcement.

Of course, the NIH Guide also has an excellent search interface to track down funding opps by keyword and much more. And even better, your program officer – your best friend at the NIH – may pass along appropriate funding opportunity announcements as they come out (or even better, with some advanced notice).


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