NLM Funds for Wannabe Book Authors

For those of you who prefer to play with words on a page than images in Photoshop, the NLM has reissued its PAR for Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (electronic submission now). You can request up to $50K per year (direct costs) for up to 3 years. NLM expects to fund 9-12 new awards each year. Here is what is allowed (longer list of what is not allowed in the announcement … no mention of Crichtonesque thrillers or bodice rippers):

Historical Works

  • Scholarly works in the history or philosophy of medicine, public health and the life sciences, the development of medical research and health services, bioethics, and studies on the interrelationship of medicine and society
  • Scholarly works in the history or philosophy of health informatics, health information sciences, biomedical communications and health sciences librarianship
  • Critical Reviews
  • Analytical and comprehensive critical reviews which identify the present status of research and practice in various health-related fields, addressing advances which have been made, problems requiring examination, and emerging trends
  • Scientifically significant and important symposium or conference proceedings related to U.S. priorities in health care, public health, and biomedical research
  • Research Aids

  • Selected secondary tools in the health sciences, such as biomedical guides, atlases, handbooks, dictionaries, indices, catalogs, directories, and other unique reference materials
  • English-language translations of important foreign-language classics or primary materials in the history of medicine
  • Questions? Hua-Chuan Sim, MD is your NLM book agent: or 301-594-4882


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