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Update: Please see the NIH Paylines & Resources page for the latest information.

The NIH Extramural Financial Operations Website covers NIH fiscal policy, award trend data, budget presentations, and information about the whole sausage-making process. If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, they now also provide a summary table with links to the funding policy of individual ICs. I’m still hopeful eventually these links will provide payline data. Most Advisory Councils have met now, so watch the Website of your favorite IC both for payline info and cleared concepts (ie, future funding opportunities). Best of luck to you all!



  1. 2d3d4d said

    Can anyone give me some form of an answer to this question? If my pending grant was decided upon by a January Council meeting for NCI grants what approximate date should I expect to be notified of a decision? Thank you.

    • writedit said

      I think the answer is that none of us can tell you, especially if your score was above the 7th percentile (if this is an R01). Harold indicated NCI would be moving away from a hard payline to more discretionary decisions, which will take longer to make, particularly while the NIH appropriation remains in limbo. Your PO might be able to give you an idea of where you are in the pile but probably not when you might get a notice, unless it’s a very clearly payable score.

  2. 2d3d4d said

    I have learned a fair amount staying in touch with the posts on this blog. I would like to ask whether a notice of decision will arrive shortly when your status has changed to Council Review Completed?

    Thank you

    • writedit said

      Are you expecting an award? Have you been asked to submit JIT? Your best bet is to check in with your PO as to the status. No matter what, you won’t receive a specific message saying that you are not going to receive an award.

      • 2d3d4d said

        Thanks Writedit – The status changed only yesterday. I am hopeful with a 27 R15 to NCI. There has been no request so far for a JIT and two very recent and I thought polite emails (prior to council review) to my PO did not receive any response.

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