No Recycling PHS 398 Narratives for SF424 !

Okay – I know old habits die hard, but folks – stop using the A. Specific Aims, B. Background & Significance, C. Preliminary Data, D. Research Design & Methods etc. from the paper PHS 398 applications for anything going in electronically using SF424. Jump straight to the table that begins on p 104 of the SF424 application instructions (Word file anyway) to recalibrate your thinking and your assignment of numbers to each section (which may very well mean that the narrative of your new application starts with 2. Specific Aims).

Similarly, please don’t cram everything you used to cover in E. Human Subjects Research as part of 8. Protection of Human Subjects. The SF424 formally separates out the sections on women & minorities, targeted enrollment, and inclusion of children. The instructions lay out what information goes where now. Vertebrate Animals (now #12, though keeps its original name) continues to be covered in one section.

The NIH just posted new interactive demos for downloading application packages and checking submission status/viewing the assembled package on the NIH eRA Commons … scroll all the way to the bottom for the latter. I haven’t checked these out, so caveat emptor. As always, I can highly recommend the NIAID electronic submission tutorial and related resources.


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