Best NIH Grantsmanship Website

Hands down … this goes on your Favorites/Bookmarks list and puts me and every other wannabe grant workshop presenter out of business. Anyone submitting a grant to the NIH – paper or plastic – should spend a little time with our friends at NIAID:

How to Write a Grant Application

And speaking of the upcoming digital deadline – don’t sweat it folks. Prepare your application just like you have since the very first paper PHS 398 was sent out – back when the NIH grants announcements were mailed out on, gasp, paper – back when you hoisted actual Index Medicus books off a library reference shelf to do painful painstaking literature searches. Yes, children, back in the days before ipod and Pubmed, we actually handled dead trees to do everything related to research, publishing, and grant writing.

But I digress. The point is/was that you do not need to panic about the electronic submission. You have no big learning curve here … but your authorized institutional official and his or her staff sure do. Ignore the Feb 5 receipt date and get your proposal ready and converted from your favorite wordprocessing program to Adobe PDF files and send those puppies off to your sponsored research office by Monday, Jan 22. Then just assume there will be some errors (which need to be fixed) and/or warnings (which need to be ignored) and take it from there one day at a time. And getting everything squared away so early means you can actually enjoy Groundhog’s Day for a change this year! 🙂


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